Helping you chart a course
to growth and profitability

LBM Solutions is an independent and integrated consulting firm specializing in the areas of strategic planning, business growth, process improvement, department turn-around and installed sales/construction services.


Where other consultants and coaches merely
recommend actions and promise results,

Mike has lived in the trenches with dealers like yourself – implementing new tools, fine-tuning procedures and driving results. Not only does he believe in his methods, he has lived them, taught them and demonstrated outstanding performance. That is real-world experience that will drive change throughout your organization.

implementing new tools

fine-tuning procedures

driving results


Mike has been serving the LBM industry since 1990 and focusing on installed sales since 1996.

Mike was instrumental in the early development of installation services programs for the LBM industry. He has helped literally hundreds of successful lumber and building material dealers launch and manage installed sales/construction services operations over the years. Mike firmly believes that offering installation, along with products is a solid service offering that when done right – will differentiate you from the competition.

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LBM Solutions Story:

With over 30 years serving the LBM industry, Federated Associations and various buying groups, Mike brings real-world experience across a broad range of skills, directly to your organization.

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Education and Training

Mike’s skills include:

customer service
sales management
purchasing analysis
+ more

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